what unites this population....

is not a problem > but a crime !
an organized crime >

to rob out the planetary resources >
flip the climate >
und be bragging around with force all over this world !
there while no even being ..... discussable !
meaning ....
no body will even be discussing his criminal aspirations !
and not having to !
since all are united in this criminal behavior ......

this is uniting all >

without > any understanding .... without > any conscience going about their government educated despot existence ! consequently > mandatory and consistently> stop each and every relevant discusion ! only to be constantly spreading despots propaganda > since only then > these despot masses > can live their delusion of the great irresponsible freedom and make the most of their rulers power .... endlessly .... staying in position! "despots to power > everyone must be a despot!" and any one ... being responsible for making this truth public is just disturbing this mass of insanity > must be "paranoid" >
must be eliminated > "We want the total freedom from any responsibility"

so if .... such a mentally disabled mass is in power >
then everyone will be laughing at any
homo sapiens .... !

since some one ever dumber ....
will always be
enthusing > span class="hps">this
mass of insanity !

> according to the principle > of equals will be joining their own likes <

So what is the solution ?

this population becoming inteligent enough to be ....
inteligent enough to > recognize >

that all their problems > eminate from their own stupidity !
and then unite >

to create a society of human dignity !

where the homo sapiens would be in power
and each and every disaster > is laughed at !

all those ....

therefore > having not even goals > of their own >
but executing this stupid dodo strategy >

on the way to extinction !

the solution would be .... like the amish in the united states >
the mennonites in mexico .... and many more>

living a simple and decent life > but in a modern version >
being for every human today >>> totally ... comprehensible !

in comparision to all this
dying of all others modes of dying >
since they only lead to their own death >

because the motivation eventually is comming to an end .....
since the whole thing is just too stupid !

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